Who We Are

The Chinese Culture and Language Association is an organization founded and run by students here at the University of Georgia. We are open to anyone who has any interest in learning about Chinese culture, the Mandarin language, or just looking to make new friends! We hope to make students of all backgrounds feel welcome at every meeting.

Our Mission

The Chinese Culture and Language Association was founded for the purpose of immersing students in the language of Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture through exciting activities and engaging instruction. We provide opportunities outside of the classroom for students of all levels to develop their language proficiency. Our organization aims to accomplish this by meeting monthly, offering language partners, and providing a network through which students can meet native speakers and fellow students with similar interests.


The Chinese language may seem intimidating at first, but we strive to make learning the langauge fun and easy!


Chinese culture is one of the most unique and oldest cultures in the world that still exists to this day!


The Chinese have some of the tastiest and most diverse foods that span from many regions throughout China!


Chinese traditions are rich in value as the religion, language, food, arts, and history speak for itself!


The Chinese have a multitude of holidays ranging from the Mid-Autumn festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese New Year, and the Lantern Festival!


Chinese history is something that many are proud of as it spans back thousands of years!

Meet The Board

Danny LeePresident
Sunny ZhongVice President
Belle WangTreasurer
Nick TangDirector of Communications
Angel LiSecretary
Casey ChenPublic Relations
Ashley WangHistorian
Andy TruongWeb Master
Sahel PatelWeb Master
Freda ChenWeb Master